Manufacturing of different types of scientific laboratory glassware, interchangeable glassware, volumetric glassware & Amber colour laboratory glassware.


Glass Agencies was founded in 1956 as manufacturers of Laboratory Glass Blown Apparatus & Calibrated Glass wares.  We have immense experience in the manufacturing of different types of scientific laboratory glassware, interchangeable glassware, volumetric glassware & Amber colour laboratory glassware. We are the leading manufacturer of A class laboratory glassware with works certificate. our Laboratory Glassware & Equipments are most trusted for its quality and durability. Our profound and enormous knowledge of Scientific Glass products has made us one of the most reliable and successful laboratory Glassware manufacturer in India

In a very short span due to sincere and hard efforts jointly by the management, staff and skilled workers it touched great heights.  Strictly Quality Control has raised the company to top level in its field. Besides full filling the requirements of the Indian Customers, due to popularity of our EROSE brand, the company started getting enquiries from abroad also, this is how we entered the Export Market in 1980. Now our products are being exported to all over the world.


Bends with Vent
Carbon & Sulphur Determination apparatus
Chromatographic Apparatus
Claisen Head
Gas Collecting Tube
Gas Washing Bottle
Glass Bend
Gooch Crucible
Graduated Test tube
Liebig, Bulb condenser
Milk Pipette
Multiple adapters
Oil Centrifuge Tube
Reduction Adapters
Freezing Point Apparatus
Regent bottle with screw cap
Weighing Bottle
Distilling Adapter
Expansion Adaptor
Dropping Funnel


Beaker, Bottles, Burette, Automatic burette, Bulb Condenser, Liebig condenser, Air Condensers, Measuring Cylinders, Desiccators, Vacuum Desiccators, Petri Dish, Distillation Apparatus, Extraction Apparatus, Volumetric Flask, Round Bottom Flask, Flat Bottom Flask, Distillation Flask, Filter Flask, Conical Flasks, Funnels, Gas Generator Kipps apparatus, Graduated Pipette, Volumetric bulb Pipettes, Glass Slides, Test Tubes, Watch Glass, Cover Glasses, Dissecting Dish, Dropping Bottles, Glass stopper, Reagent bottle, Gooch crucible, Amber colour laboratory glassware, Separating funnel, Dropping funnel,  Specific gravity bottle, weighing bottle, Fractionating Column, Vigreux Column, Chromatography Column, Reduction Adapters, Expansion Adapters, Multiple Adapters, Receiver adapter, Still head, Splash head, Swan neck adapters, Receiver delivery adapters, Sockets Single, Cones Single, claisen heads, centrifuge tube, stop cocks, buchner funnels, membrane filter assembly, Viscometer, aspirator bottles, Boiling Flask, ampoules, Boiling tube, butyrometers, culture tubes, blood sedimentation tubes, haemoglobin pipettes, Soxhlet extractor, nessler's cylinder, Hoffman Voltameter, Potometer


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